Domain Management

What is a domain?
A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name locates an Internet address for "" at Internet point and a particular host server named "www." The "" part of the domain name reflects the purpose of the organization or entity (in this example, "commercial") and is called the top-level domain name. The "myhealthpractice" part of the domain name defines the organization or entity and together with the top-level is called the second-level domain name. The second-level domain name maps to and can be thought of as the "readable" version of the Internet address.

What is the difference between a domain name and website?
While domains and websites are closely connected, they are two very different things. After registering a domain, you need to do something with it, put it to work for you. Your domain can be used for a website, for an email account, or for both. You can, however, register a domain and choose NOT to use it for a website or an email account, BUT you can’t have a website or an email account without a domain.When used for a website, your domain name is what people type into their browser to find your site - this is why they are sometimes referred to as web addresses. So is the domain used for GoDaddy’s website. Registering a domain, however, doesn’t automatically create a website - it only means that you’ve registered the domain.So for example, if you decided to start your own business and you thought of great name for it, you might copyright the name to protect it. However, simply giving your business a name is only one of many steps that go into building your business. In the same manner, when you register a domain and want to use it for a website, you’ll need to first build the website, and then find a host for it, so it can be visible on the Web.

How can TMG help?
TMG are a registered 'domain' reseller for all things 'webby' - our core web services are:
  • Domain Name registration
  • Domain management
  • Website Hosting
  • Email (MX) management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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