Medtech Evolution Hosting

TMG now provide a Medtech Evolution hosted solution - that's right, you can now use TMGs enterprise health cloud to deliver Evolution direct to your clinic desktop.

But I thought only Medtech could host Evolution?
TMG have partnered with Medtech to deliver its Evolution product through our own enterprise hosting platform.  This strengthens TMGs hosted offering on top of its already successful Medtech-32 hosted solution

Can TMG support Evolution too?
Yes.  TMG have certified Evolution engineers in addition to its already qualified Medtech-32 engineers.  

Do we get the same hosted service as Medtech-32?
Yes and better.  Medtech Evolution uses the industry standard SQL engine to run (as apposed to Medtech-32 which uses Interbase XE database engine).  This means that TMG can use economies of scale to optimise the delivery and cost of the Evolution product.

How can we learn more about Evolution?
There are several ways to find out more.

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