Northland Youth Services Improvement Program complete

Northland Youth Services, run as a joint venture between the two northern PHOs, are wrap around services aimed at delivering specialist services to youth between the ages of 13 and 24.

TMG have worked closely with Medtech Ltd to run a project to consolidate all 9 northland youth services into a single Medtech-32 instance.  This has numerous benefits to the service:
  • Ability to view patient information across all youth centres
  • Greater access to patient information across a transient youth population
  • Supports roaming clinicians that work from multiple sites
  • DHB reporting can be delivered from patient to region-wide levels
Working across not just a large 'geographical' area, but also within schools and stand alone clinics - all with their own technical setups and ways of working - created a complex task to deliver.  The project was completed within the time allocated and has been a success for all involved.

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