Important Security Updates

*Urgent Updates* Security changes 

Due to the widely reported security breaches from recent Ransomware attacks, TMG is updating our systems in order to provide additional security and prevent any infiltrations.  At this point we have completed all Microsoft recommended changes and updates, however we are also taking additional steps to strengthen our network security. 

These changes may impact Virtual office or other Remote Access software.   If users do experience any issues please call us on 0800 367 864 option 1, or email on

Additional resources have been allocated to assist your users if they are impacted by these security changes.  Please note that there have been no incidences of reported infection on our systems.  This work is purely preventative.

The best action that each organisation can take at this stage is to educate ALL staff.  Most initial virus infections come through email attachments.  Each user at your site MUST follow best practice protocols by not opening any unsolicited file attachments that come via email. 

Please get in touch if you need any further information regarding our security changes. 

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