Compass provides dashboard view of practice performance

Wellington PHO Compass Health has gone live with a new provider portal for its 59 practices, based around a dashboard view of performance measures.

Users can log in directly from Medtech 32 so no username or password is needed, and it also provides real-time news updates rather than having to rely on weekly emails.

The portal opens to a dashboard that lets practices see how they are measuring up on indications such as cardiovascular risk assessments, cervical screening and immunisations.

All of the reports provided on the old portal are available through a report server, but the report server dashboard has been replaced by a quality indicator report, which provides a quick summary of how the practice is performing.

Shared documents such as referrals and risk assessment templates are stored in a new resources section. There is also a new search function.

Clinicians wanting to undertake CPD activities can book through the portal, and practices can see the status of claims sent to the PHO.

City GPs practice manager Lorraine Wood said the auto-login had removed the barrier of remembering log-in information and would improve access to the information contained within the portal.

It also allows practice managers to update key practice and staff details without paper forms. The system is also accessible from tablets and smart phones.

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