Big thumbs up for NZ EHR

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman made quite a few headlines when he announced at HINZ in Christchurch last year that he supported the development of a national electronic health record for all Kiwis. While many people that we spoke to at the time were a bit cynical, it seems that some of our Kiwi readers agree with him.

In our last issue of Pulse+IT NZ, we asked:

Do you support the establishment of a national electronic health record for all New Zealanders?

While the numbers are small and our polls are not scientific, almost 75 per cent of readers supported the idea of the establishment of a national EHR. A further 20 per cent hedged their bets and only three people gave it the thumbs down.

Those 20 per cent hedging their bets – they selected the “I'll decide when I see the details” option – could have moths in their wallets, one eye on other national EHR roll-outs that we shall not mention, or perhaps are yet to be convinced of the point.

It seems that despite the unexpected changes to the structure of the Ministry of Health and the subsequent uncertainty over the future of the National Health IT Board, which is leading the national EHR development, most people think it's a good idea.

The future of the Health IT Board and its long-time leader Graeme Osborne have been the subject of much speculation and the lack of certainty at the top is our lead story in the next issue of Pulse+IT NZ, and for our next poll.

Are you concerned that the MoH has still not appointed a new chief technology and digital officer?

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