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TMG offer a VOIP cloud based PBX for Health Providers. We use the 2talk cloud PBX to deliver the solution to our customers.  This solution is a small / medium business product.  It is not considered the best solution for large enterprises for TMG manage the switches and routers to ensure you receive the best possible quality and service from your phones.

TMG only supply phones to customers who have their ICT services with TMG. The reason for this is to ensure a single point of call and service for the customer. This way there is no confusion of responsibilities unlike under providers who mix and match equipment with existing IT equipment. We offer optimal price savings by leveraging the existing communications circuits used for your IT services.

  • Carrier grade hosted PBX
  • We use a dedicated internet connection to deliver all phone lines
  • Your phones dont need to be on the same premises - you can intstall a DDI and handset anywhere you have an internet connection (whilst remaining in your group of phones)
  • There is a rich selection of features such as caller ID and Auto-attendant
  • One internet connection replaces what would normally be several different phone lines.
  • You can have as many simultaneous calls as their are DDIs (phones)
  • We supply a fully managed switch, router and UPS as part of the service 
  • We work to provide the best possible internet available in your area
  • Note: your existing connection will be used for computers.  A separate connection will be in place for the phones (see costings 2.0.1).  *In some cases we can use the existing internet connection for phone.  This is usually where you have a small number of users or you have very high speed broadband available
  • Note: We do offer fax to email as an alternative to a fax line
  • We highly recommend a single cell phone for the site is available at all times.  In the unlikely event of an outage, the phones will failover to the mobile phone
Phone Services Offered by TMG
  • Fully Managed and Monitored - Phones, internet and switches (dedicated switches will be provided for phones, separate from normal network) will be monitored and managed under this contract
  • Per Site PBX - Each physical site will be provided with a switch and maintenance plan.  
  • Maintenance Plan(s) - Each plan will be determined by the number of seats (phones) at each physical location - all phone support and system maintenance will be covered under these plans.  Onsite work is not included in this model and will be charged at a reduced contracted rate, $95 + GST / hour
  • Support Included 8-5, Monday - Friday - after hours support will be charged at a reduced contracted rate, $95 + GST / hour
Additional Benefits:
  • All support for the phones is now included in the Maintenance Fee, no more ad-hoc charges for phone support
  • Multiple calls, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Automated Attendant to greet patients/clients with voice prompts
  • Call queuing for callers
  • Automated after hours call forwarding after 5pm (or whatever time you specify), and automatically redirected back the next morning

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