Business Portals


The popularity of business portals is growing constantly as the people crave to expand their business to every spot around NZ and the globe. The new information about the products is published by business owners, their prices and applications become accessible to the users and the popularity grows constantly.  The concept of B2C (business to customer) portal is rather popular today, as it can do the instant impact on the domestic and global business features, improving the effectiveness and rising the sales.  More traffic is also the result of the portal existence.


  • CMS backend to allow the customer to easily manage their content
  • CMS links to frontend to allow for role specific content and access
  • Member creation allows for greater collaboration between not just TMG and our customers, but customers and customers
  • the customer service is significantly improved in quality
  • it adjusts in no time to client’s demands
  • business processes are show in model and advanced modes
  • less paperwork
  • the costs for inventory and overhead are reduced too
  • it’s easy to handle the problems of the customer
  • development of the custom services and products
  • you are able to create strong relationships with your regular customers
  • Aggregating corporate information into a single location
  • providing staff and clients with a single point of access to business systems
  • providing staff with a single user experience that crosses information systems and technologies
  • tailoring information to the needs of individual staff (or groups of staff)
  • Portals can link in with 3rd party applications such as accounting, other content management systems and mailer products

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