TMG User Card Two Factor Authentication

2017 has seen the rise of unprecedented levels of malicious hacking activity.  With this in mind, TMG has released a new security product due for release in 2018, TMG User card for 2 factor authentication.  This brings network security to the next level.  

2 Factor Authentication: everyone is talking about it, but what is it?
2 Factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your staff.  This means that your network, and your data, are even more protected.  It makes it harder for your staff's email or user accounts to be hacked, which then protects your network integrity and patient data.

How does it work?
Users will be given a swipe card that is specific to them.  When they sit down at a computer, they can then swipe or insert their card into the reader and enter their pin number.  After this they have access to their PMS and practice network without having to log in or remember their passwords.  When they leave the computer they take the card with them, which severs all access to the network. Quick, easy and secure.

What are the advantages?
  • Increases the security of your network and patient data
  • Provides better auditing so you can trace users actions and even control what they have access to
  • works with Office 365 to add another layer of verification
  • enables more secure access for users who work remotely
  • No more need to deal with increasingly complex log ins or password management.
  • Enables a practice manager to quickly and easily remove access for users.  

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