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TMG is proud to be a values based company. We work hard to uphold our values not only amongst ourselves as team members but with our clients, third parties, and the wider public. Our unique set of values were chosen with deliberation, and reflect who we are and where we are coming from.



We aim to build a relationship of mutual trust with all of our customers. We will build this trust with new clients through our reliability, integrity and transparency. We are not a company that would recommend a solution simply because it is more profitable. We will give you the honest truth that will be what you need to hear rather than what benefits us most. We believe that true excellence can only be achieved with an attitude of collaboration and transparency.


We reflect on our decisions and behaviour as a company carefully. We may be a team of valued individuals but all of our people are expected to be integrous in their interactions with each other, any other parties from our sector, and our client base. We believe that our genuine desire to create and maintain the best solutions for our customers is what sets us apart.


We have chosen to take individual and collective responsibility in honouring what we put our name to. We are committed to owning all of our strengths and any of our weaknesses. Our team members are proud to be part of what we are trying to create, and many of our most loyal clients rightly believe that they have contributed to our bigger picture. However, taking ownership of what we become is only one part of who we are. In fact, if we do encounter any problems we will always roll up our sleeves and work our hardest to sort it out. Instead of finding someone to blame, we will become part of the solution.


We believe that professionalism demands dedication and excellence. We strive to maintain a high level of excellence within every aspect our company. From our front end customer helpdesk to our technical engineers, we aim to deliver quality and professional service. Rather than expecting our team to leave their personalities at home, we believe that they will use their own skills and knowledge to make a better outcome.


Who are TMG?

TMG was founded in 2009 by three like-minded Health IT professionals. They saw the lack of cohesive IT support in the health sector and decided to create a company to step up and fill the gap. Over the years they have chosen partners in the market to assist in their portfolio, added more services, and grown steadily without ever losing sight of their ultimate goal to provide excellent IT service.